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Bringing the Legacy of Vimy Ridge and Juno Beach to Canadians Across the Country

Commemorating Canada's Great War flyers. The revolution of mapping in the First World War. Canadian pilots heroically earn their wings. Connecting the past and present. A wealth of lifetime experiences in polar travel await you. By Alexandra Pope. November 9, Some of the year-old munitions excavated during preparation of the land for the Vimy Foundation Centennial Park.


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Vimy reception - La France au Canada/France in Canada

Canadian Geographic Challenge. The National Bird Project. Classroom Energy Diet Challenge. Energy IQ. Canada's Coolest School Trip. After the war he returned to the ghastly waste and wreckage that had been his estate, and dug patiently to find his money. It was gone. Some soldier, probably by accident, in a hasty digging of a trench or through a shell upheaval, found the treasure—what a find! Vimy Ridge, says a French historian, is the famous hill that runs in a S.

It rises to a height of feet above sea level, sloping gently into the Scarpe Valley near Arras, but falling sharply on the eastern side to the Douai plain. It is nine miles in length, and dominates the entire area, forming a natural rampart in the richest coal fields of France. The Ridge was one of the most important strategic positions on the Western Front. In order to carry out this attack the Tenth Army will be strongly reinforced. Here the ground falls to the plain of Douai even more abruptly than it does from Notre Dame de Lorette, on the northern side, to the plain of Flanders.

The main attack of the French Army was to be delivered on a frontage of four miles, with the crest of Vimy Ridge, between Farbus and Soudiez, as its objective.


The occupation of the Ridge was to be the first step in breaking the German line, and preparatory to an advance into the plain to the line Cambrai-Douai. The attack was postponed on account of misty weather until May 9. The French had heavy guns, and field guns and howitzers. The French attack in the centre was brilliant.

No other attack ever made at Vimy was so fierce, so overwhelming. But when they had reached Hill and sent patrols into La Folie Wood, the French reserves, to take care of such an opportunity were 73 miles away. Four German divisions had been holding Vimy. By night they had two more. By May 15 they had thirteen divisions in the Vimy sector.

The Moroccans, minus support, were driven from the Ridge after three days occupation. You can see their Memorial today, at Hill On May 15 the French attacked again, at Neuville St. Vaast, the Labyrinthe and Souchez. They made but small house-to-house gains. They attacked again June 7, and secured both the Labyrinthe and Neuville St. On June 16 they made a final effort, but were repulsed.

French losses for this battle for Vimy Ridge from May 9 to June 16 were 35, killed; 65, wounded; 2, missing; a total of , The Germans published their losses as 49, of all ranks, but have admitted the loss of all records of those who died of wounds. The French captured 7, prisoners. The Fayolle Division alone, in this fighting, captured 3, prisoners, and buried 2, enemy dead. They lost 3, all ranks of their own. Twenty guns were captured from the Germans and machine guns. On Sept.

This was to be a grand attack, and the British attack at Loos was to divert the German attention and make more sure the anticipated grand French success.

The Battle of Vimy Ridge

Instead, the French reserves were this time brought too near the front and suffered terrible losses from early shell fire, while the constant delays in their assaulting gave the German forces ample time for preparations in defense. Economize ammunition. French attacks had begun at noon and accomplished little. During the night of the th the French 33rd, with part of the 3rd Corps, advanced 2, yards and captured La Folie Wood, and Foch was granted permission to carry on.

They could not, however, retain what they had gained, as the flanks had not kept up with the central attack. By October 15 they were back to the original German front line and held there. Their losses, to that date, were 48, The Germans had lost during that period a total of 30, all ranks.

The British took over in March, On February 8, the Germans had made their first attack on Vimy and had driven the French from half a mile of trench systems south of Central Avenue.

The British found that the entire front line was being mined. Ten British and five French tunnelling companies worked desperately in countermining. On April 26, , the first mine on Vimy went up, forming the first crater. Broadmarsh had been blown April On May 15, at 8.