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Friendly Staff. Room was perfectly decorated, well designed and clean.

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Your Stay Details Room Details. Book Now Ex. Earn Fab credits Earn credits for your subsequent bookings. Coming up this week is the dark Neo-noir thriller with a fantastic cast and spooky story. Well the catch is they have to be set IN the s. And boy, are there some great films up for listing!

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  • The film that brought so much to the Zombie Lexicon camout in Catch Gidgit and Angry as they have a rewatch of this comedy horror classic! Out Thursday! Join us as we look at the biggest film of , Beverly Hills Cop! All Eighties Movies. All The Time! Vote 1 pink allowed people to think about their recurrent emotions, and consequential behavioural patterns, in which they would leave behind, if they had the choice.

    Vote 2, green, but looks blue due to poor lighting!!! You can see faint traces of flags of identities that have been party to intensely divisive feelings, especially in recent years. In attempting to bridge any divisions a makeshift bar was mandatory.

    The Retro Fesival

    Our bar, however, so was haphazard it fittingly looked as much like a frontier boundary. It was an exercise in trying to see if there is a lie in dominant life-style model of contemporary times, not for sake of being right, but for the sake of wondering how the challenge of the individual finding inner peace and self-worth can be part of a general and collective healing process; because the 2 are so interconnected, the former has been so successfully appropriated by the self-improving entrepreneurial speak of neoliberalism.

    But this itself opens up a dilemma the collective — as motley in its collective hearts and minds as it is — needs to interrogate. Or likewise if we define a stance for ourselves do we run the risk of falling into an echo chamber where we never communicate with anybody we have fundamental disagreements with?

    They sound like extremes, but in our ultra divided times, where people will rarely encounter those holding vastly different beliefs, it can suddenly become very hard NOT TO become classified a Lefty, and extremist, and Brexiteer, a metropolitan elitist, a hard-line feminist, a misogynist, etc etc. Surely we should refuse to give up on the faint Utopian lining that appears within the fabric current crisis of Mental Health. How do you reverse trauma? How do you reverse misgivings, feuds, and toxic senses of entitlement? There is one certain answer to this: NOT by giving up on our fellow human.

    Dispatches on the Public Secret. The Public Secret is a project our artist-led collective the Retro Bar at the End of the Universe held, starting Friday 31st August, in a warehouse on the south west side of Leeds. For this we all contributed a dispatches — which you can find here. As an artist collective, something binds us. We really are a motley crew.

    Basically, what has brought us together is the public secret : everybody knows this thing we…. View original post 2, more words. What ever we say never seems to be quite right and gets stuck in our throats. We seem to be lost in a state of frustration, confusion, and isolation. To emulate a familiar format like social media, or a bar, or a city, but also create a new space within the Neo-liberal framework that allows for honest contemplation and conversations which are met with empathy rather than embarrassment, or derision. The symbiosis of the internal and external; the individual and the community is complex.

    What I do understand is to have a healthy connection between the two there has to be mutual support and respect.

    Link's Awakening & Switch Lite Unboxing!

    Late-capitalism blocks this communication, leaving us isolated and toxically dependent on the sugar rush of commodity. The feedback loop for this commercial-self relies heavily on the not-quite-good-enough. For you to buy into it, it must first make you feel shit about yourself. We carry on regardless where it is familiar and safe and we can continue with our self-medicated therapy.

    Richard Ford is a guy who came up with a way of predicting up-and-coming areas by looking at a regions current demographic — the Bohemian index and the Gay index. Post-industrial cities seem to becoming more notorious for cheap property development and depleting local authority budgets — making them more susceptible to gentrification.

    The Retro Hour Podcast’s tracks

    Local budgets are desperately low, leaving authorities in a position where they have to sell assets or in some cases, like with art galleries, rent buildings for free. With that, private ownership — typically in the shape of landlords — goes up, along with the price of rent. In an effort to attract business and leasure tourism, local governments come up with multi-million projects in a bid to make some money they tend to flop spectacularly, leaving the region with a bigger deficit, and a weirdly designed building they have to frantically think up a purpose for.

    Also, these projects get passed with very little input from the community. Planning permission favors profit over social contribution.

    Whether public or private, developments offer Utopian-like dreams — green space, blue skies, culture, fresh bread, dream jobs, unadulterated ecstasy. But its social mores are cut loose when economic value overrules social worth. The original occupants tend to be pushed out of the area due to raising living cost. The only jobs available are zero hour, or on a temporary basis only. The cost of living inevitably further isolates the already marginalised. Mark Fisher weaves through almost all of the work and discussions at the Retro Bar. Acid Communism particularly strikes in us some kind of hope for the future of the people on this planet whatever the timescale.

    It is an idea Fisher, sadly, never fully completed. I can only offer my interpretation. Put briefly, acid communism is the reconsiderations of 60s counter culture; the raising of the collective conciousness, and sharing of experience as a form of chipping away at the capitalist monolith. I think it just means care more. I see so much blame, anxiety, guilt and shame being put onto individuals to take responsibility for their own actions — and yeah, sure.

    But compare this to the actions and the impact corporate irresponsibility has to our planet and our communities. But do you incinerate millions of pounds worth of surplus clothing to keep your brand exclusive? The way in which we work, from initial meetings to actually seeing the ideas come to fruition is based on open conversation, shared ideas, and mutual support.

    I feel like I have found a place of nourishment and inspiration, of purpose, and hope for the future. And I wish a happy and healthy future for all DIY spaces and artist led groups.