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Thank you for subscribing! Challenges to Asian Urbanization in the 21st Century.

In terms of urbanization challenges Asia in the current century is faced with an enormous surge of urban population and the associated problems of rural —urban migration, overcrowding, proliferation of slums, housing shortage, growing unempl- ment and underemployment and choice between capital intensive productivity vs. This book pioneers the analysis and research effort on urbanization in Asia in the st 21 century in light of new and continued challenges. AUC is organized almost every third year.

The Oceans: Key Issues in Marine Affairs

This book is for practising professionals and academics working in urban planning and international development: international project staff, trainers, urban development researchers and teaching staff in universities and polytechnics. Solid Waste Management and Recycling is unique in that it: -utilizes an 'integrated solid waste management perspective' in its analysis; -provides embedded case study data; -deals with both formal and informal actors and institutional arrangements in solid waste management and recycling; -has chapters written by experts from the countries concerned Kenya and India ; -can be used in graduate-level courses in urban development, urban management and planning, and technical engineering courses for students, project staff, and technical students.

Applied Geography: A World Perspective. Applied Geography, A World Perspective reviews progress in applied geography in different regions of the world. It does this through the eyes of an international panel of highly regarded academic practitioners. The book offers new prospects on the use of established approaches and explores exciting new territories.

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Together, the contributors provide a comprehensive picture of applied geography today. SMITH 1. Introduction The millennium has been widely regarded as a time to take stock among other things, of the planet and its relationships with the people who inhabit it. Why this should be so is not always clear, apart from an apparent fixation with counting years.

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Further, the fact that the counting itself is based on the origins of the Christian religion is, for many, not of primary significance. Even if it is, counting in this way may still not be clear. And yet there are arguably sound reasons for taking stock at this time.

Most obviously since the European 'industrial revolution' pressures on the environment caused by human activities have increased inexorably. At global level, over the past three decades in particular, environmental concerns have undoubtedly become a major political force. In a marine context, the Law of the Sea Convention concluded in is one manifestation of this. These pressures are in turn linked to technological and economic factors which are inextricably intertwined in any understanding of environmental impacts.

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Of special note are the implications of this for the exploitation of marine resources, in the periodic 'long waves' of economic expansion and contraction, each lasting for around or just over half a century, coupled with technological advances evident in the fishing and offshore oil industries in particular. Similar ebooks. Book 1. This book provides new insights on cities and the nature of urban development, and the role of knowledge management in urban growth.

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It considers how knowledge informs policies and supports decision making, and can assist in addressing the drivers of urban change. The way that knowledge is produced and used in urban development is analysed, with examples drawn from a range of European countries. Product Details Table of Contents. Table of Contents From the contents: Acknowledgements. Chapter 1: The geography of the sea.

see Chapter 2: The law of the sea at the millennium. Chapter 3: Maritime boundaries. Chapter 4: Geography and geo-strategy of the oceans. Chapter 5: Maritime transport. Chapter 6: Offshore oil and gas at the millennium. Chapter 7: Fisheries. Chapter 8: The use of the sea for recreation and tourism. Chapter 9: Managing marine waste disposal.