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Well, financial independence is the state where you have sufficient personal wealth to live. Your assets generate more money than you need for those necessities. It provides you a great sense of freedom.

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Her teachers encourage her to go beyond homework guidelines, when she shows extra interest in a subject, and are so helpful to her if she struggles with a concept. I couldn't imagine her any place but Baldwin. It's an exceptional school, and a very special community! Read 76 Reviews. We love that Bryn Mawr has devoted and stellar teachers that help guide her, and that the classroom environment doesn't look like it did when we were kids with teachers lecturing to students - but students taking charge of their learning.

The friends that she has made have been another added benefit, and the community really does celebrate the love of learning! We weren't sure about an all-girls school environment, but we've seen our daughter's confidence grow each year she has been here. The diversity of the community also adds to the strength of the community.

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Students are learning about different cultures, and learn to empathize early on. There are plenty of resources on campus for academic help, whether it be through student tutors or the teachers themselves, who are often available during study hall.

The students I learn alongside are some of the most intelligent, and have pushed me to become the best I am today. The student body's awareness of social justice issues is also remarkable. In response, Emma has held events and discussions revolving around these issues, resulting in profound and rewarding conversations that I am grateful for. I will say the lack of diversity in faculty is somewhat disappointing, considering the wide range of diversity among students.

Additionally, the dining options have become redundant, having been a boarder for a few years here. Overall, Emma Willard provides students with many fantastic opportunities—so long as you're willing to take advantage of them. Read 51 Reviews. While the competition is fierce the faculty and staff work alongside you to mold you into the best possible learner. The STEM side of the curriculum is state-of-the-art.

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The plays and musicals are at near-professional levels of skill. Athletics are fiercely passionate and central to the cultural ecosystem of the school. Sports games especially at the brother school Brunswick are hotly attended. On top of all of this, I have never heard a single graduate say they were unprepared for college, in fact, many say they were overprepared i. Students at this school are all girls it's an all girls school , mostly white, and mostly high-class. This is likely due to the lack of diversity in the town itself rather than the lack of acceptance of a wide range of people on the admissions front.

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Read 48 Reviews. She is well prepared for college academics. As with many prep schools, the students at Kent Place are overwhelmingly goal oriented. Everything these kids do seems directed towards the college application process. The culture of achievement, of resume building, can be overwhelming.

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There are many bright and talented girls who go here. Strengths of the school currently include the English department and the History department. It has been challenging for the school to recruit strong math and science teachers, despite having a nice new STEM building. If you're reading this trying to decide if your daughter should go here, do your homework. If she is smart, ambitious and hard working, this might be the place for her.

She will be challenged. She will be tested. She will be stressed. And she will be very proud that she endured all of this, and go on to a great college somewhere. Read 42 Reviews. I began attending this school in my freshman year, and I have had an amazing time. The academics are very rigorous, but the environment of the school makes it manageable. All of the teachers are engaging, and they are incredibly willing to meet outside of the classroom.

The voice of the students is heard, amplified, and respected here. One of the largest, student driven topics of conversation in my three years here has been diversity. NBS has been working twords increasing this in recent years. Friends of mine attend other all girl schools in the city, and, from what I have seen and heard from tours during my eighth grade year and through word of mouth , no school balances academic rigor, a strong community, and the ability to take part in extracurricular activities as well as Nigtingale does.

It is a heavily underrated school. Read 23 Reviews. The academics are rigorous but interesting and stretch our daughters in ways that develop their minds and heart while honoring their particular gifts and talents. The faculty is comprised of women and men who are life-long learners, warm, wise and challenge the girls to become the best versions of themselves. The teachers are role models and inspire the students to challenge, shape and change the world.

Each division plans and serves the students at age-appropriate levels in social-emotional growth and supports the ups and down of developing friendship and learning self-care as the girls grow into mature young women.

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The families are lovely and we have made life-long friends in our years at Marymount. Our daughters are all thriving at Marymount and we are so grateful! Read 37 Reviews.