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The Raspberry Pi foundation is the best place to start, with their download page. It includes Raspian also called Wheezy which is needed to set up Minecraft, if you want to go that route. The first, perhaps most natural, Pi project involves installing then modding Minecraft.

Coding Summer Projects for Kids Using Raspberry Pi

Most people are familiar with Minecraft and tweaking the game turns out to be a great way to experience what makes your Raspberry Pi so special. Kids, teachers, and parents love the combination. The only negative? Minecraft Pi is a basic version of the game. But modding the game turns out to be relatively easy. While there is an official Minecraft Pi page online, probably the best way to find, install, and use Minecraft on Pi is to search for online tutorials Raspberry Spy linked below is best I found and then look at topic pages at the Pi foundation site and the Codecademy PDF book with pages showing how to mod Minecraft on your Pi, for when you get bored of simply playing.

You might even buy his ebook about Minecraft and Pi for 99 cents on Amazon. Once you set up your Raspberry Pi, you may notice there are lots of cables and stuff to keep track of. However, once you have your Pi board running, there is an easy way to connect without cables and from your regular desktop or laptop computer. Even better, this type of connection is called headless because there is no dedicated monitor for your Pi computer. Details on how to run your Pi with it sitting on your desk with no wires and no monitor are below.

This is a great project to expand your Pi skills to include a breadboard, a little wiring, and some modest scripting. This project looks really neat, like something you find in an arcade. Be sure to include all the important details: which Pi unit, operating system for example, Raspian , and exactly how you got stuck. This is common operating procedure for any forum, of course.

Raspberry Pi Projects for Kids

Includes screen shots, how to create a desktop icon on your Pi, and comments include solutions to save your Minecraft world. Push the LD motor controller into the breadboard, then connect your jumper wires to the pins on the Pi and on the breadboard see the diagram below.

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Connect the two wires on each DC motor to the output pins of the motor controller. Affix the motors, wheels, and battery box to your bot's underside. Run the power wires up to your breadboard and connect them to the motor power input of the LD.

My Top 5 Raspberry Pi Projects

Mount the 5V battery pack and plug it into the Pi. Software time! Go to raspberrypi. Insert the card into your Pi.

15 Cool Raspberry Pi Projects to Do as a Family

Now plug your keyboard, mouse, and monitor into the Pi—remember, it's a tiny computer. When prompted, install the Raspbian OS. This will open the code in Nano, the Pi's native text editor.

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The little guy will move around in a rough square. Go back into the program using the Nano editor, modify the time delays, and change the commands for forward, backward, left, and right to create your own movements. You can expand your robot's capabilities by adding sensors and writing new code. That's the beauty of the Pi platform. Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Published in: Technology. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Be the first to like this.

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