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Standing water can occur owing to drainage issues, broken irrigation systems and of course following rainfall.

Mixed with optimum temperatures and failure to address standing water can lead to Phytophthora affecting a wide area of land. A guide released by AHDB Potatoes provides a guide to soil management offering guidance on irrigation and drainage management to create a good environment for growing potatoes. Phytophthora spores can travel on soil and plant material attached to boots or tools. So ensuring staff members routinely clean equipment and clothing after use, applying the cleaning appropriate methods, is a good way to try stopping the spread of Phytophthora.

But, the general public may not.

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A good solution is to prevent people from passing through areas infected by Phytophthora. That way there is no reliance on members of the public following cleaning protocols. However, as Phytophthora spores can travel into neighbouring areas on animals, for example. But, it can help. We have found some good pieces of advice on cleaning in order to help prevent the spread of disease.

This is a routine part of plant disease management and it seems obvious to point out. However, in order to help stop the devastating effect of Phytophthora, watching out for disease symptoms on regular basis can be the difference between several plants being infected with Phytophthora opposed to just one or two.

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Alternatively, you can use a Phytophthora rapid test that detects many different species of Phytophthora in minutes. This way you can definitely confirm the presence of the pathogen when disease symptoms appear and take necessary actions to combat the spread. Once again this is a very obvious solution.

But, the removal of Phytophthora-infected plant material present in the ground, in storage or on equipment, and destroying it, is a must. Also, it is important that any disease-infected plant material is destroyed immediately after discovering its presence. Furthermore, the cleaning methods highlighted above should be employed after the pathogen has been destroyed. If you are unsure if Phytophthora has been present in the soil there are organisations that offer soil testing. Butterworth-Heinemann , The descriptions of the critical event and the criteria for cleavage fracture will instruct readers in how to control the cleavage processes and optimize microstructure to improve fracture toughness of metallic materials.

Elsevier Science , Provides an orthodox statistical approach that helps in the understanding of the designing of unit processes.

The subject of mineral processing has been treated on the basis of unit processes that are subsequently developed and integrated to form a complete strategy for mineral beneficiation. Unit processes of crushing, grinding, solid—liquid separation, flotation are therefore described in some detail so that a student at graduate level and operators at plants will find this book useful. Mineral Processing Design and Operations describes the strategy of mathematical modeling as a tool for more effective controlling of operations, looking at both steady state and dynamic state models.

Elsevier , Particular attention is paid to experimental and theoretical aspects under the form of broad reviews covering the most recent developments. Aspects related to their thermodynamics and kinetics are covered as well. The coverage then moves to more specific topics, including optics, magnetism and catalysis, and finally to biomedical applications and the technologically relevant issue of self-assembly. With no current single reference source on the subject, the work is invaluable for researchers as the nanoscience field moves swiftly to full monetization.

All chapters have been revised and expanded, either by the fourth edition authors alone or jointly with new co-authors. The books incorporate the latest experimental research results and theoretical insights. Several thousand citations to the research and review literature are included.

Gulf Professional Publishing , Using easy-to-read, straightforward language, it outlines effective methods of specifying, procuring, receiving and verifying critical materials. Pocket Guide to Preventing Process Plant Materials Mix-ups illustrates how to test and identify materials and provides what you need to know to choose between the various production methods.

Beginning with a general introduction to porous materials, the next six chapters focus on the processing and applications of each of the three main materials groups. The book includes such new processes as gel-casting and freeze-drying for porous ceramics and self-propagating high temperature synthesis SHS for porous metals. The applications discussed are relevant to a wide number of fields and industries, including aerospace, energy, transportation, construction, electronics, biomedical and others.

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  • The book concludes with a chapter on characterization methods for some basic parameters of porous materials. Porous Materials: Processing and Applications is an excellent resource for academic and industrial researchers in porous materials, as well as for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in materials science and engineering, physics, chemistry, mechanics, metallurgy, and related specialties. Woodhead Publishing , Rare earth metals provide an important, environmentally-friendly alternative.