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I downloaded several book samples for Office prior to buying this one. The other books I sampled had graphics that were small and difficult to read in their electronic versions.

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And the pictures can't be zoomed, either, though of course the text can be. I finally decided to download this sample because I thought, "Hmmm The other books might be fine in their hardcopy versions, but not electronically in my opinion. December 7, - Published on Amazon. I bought this for my Mother and she was rather insulted by the simplicity of the book. She isn't what I would call a total techie but she understands most of what this book covers.

She did learn a few helpful tips. I thought it had many helpful tips and tricks. The format was just alright. I would save your money and find a different book for the money! October 13, - Published on Amazon. Nice and simple. I began by starting it like a text book but it quickly became a reference manual. It's works for me.

October 14, - Published on Amazon. I have used Microsoft Word for over 20 years and I kept buying each new version when it came out after about 6 months. Well when it came to I wasn't able to get to know all the new methods so I went back to the version. Until September when my version got corrupted I was happy with Word. So I HAD to go to the version and it has been hard to navigate my way through the version.

I have been reading and then doing the subject that was in each section. It is helping me a little bit but then I haven't gotten through the book yet! November 9, - Published on Amazon. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Wiley Publishing, Inc. For general information on our other products and services, please contact our Customer Care Department within the U.

For technical support, please visit www. Wiley also publishes its books in a variety of electronic formats. Some content that appears in print may not be available in electronic books. About the Author The author currently divides his time between writing computer books, writing articles for CPU Magazine, performing stand-up comedy, and writing and speaking on a weekly comedy radio show along with fellow comedians Rick Gene, Wes Sample, and Justin Davis.

The show airs on He also spends much of his time trying to keep his various computers running properly using an odd mixture of Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X software.

Learn by doing—not by watching—with interactive simulations.

Eventually, he hopes to find the elusive combination of hardware and software that can create the mythical dream of a computer that actually works when you want it to. Dedication This book is dedicated to a variety of people, including the following: All the long-suffering victims forced to learn the arcane features of Microsoft Office, which seem to change with every version, not always for the best. Take heart. Additional thanks must also go to Chris the Zooman Clobber, Dante, Rick Gene, Wes Sample, Justin Davis, and Leo the man, the myth, the legend Fontaine just because they like seeing their names in print for no apparent reason.

Final thanks go to Cassandra my wife , Jordan my son , and Bo, Scraps, Tasha, and Nuit our cats for making my life more interesting by the minute. These two are the best agents an author could hope for, so they deserve all the 15 percent of the book royalties that they get.

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Additional thanks go to technical editor Lee Musick for making sure that everything in this book is accurate. Thanks for reading this — and say a prayer for all the trees that sacrificed their pulp to allow authors such as myself the indulgence to print paragraphs such as this. Contents at a Glance Introduction Table of Contents Introduction Table of Contents Adjusting Line Spacing Table of Contents Inserting and removing page breaks Table of Contents Adding Hyperlinks Table of Contents Querying a Database Introduction M icrosoft Office contains loads of new features.

Unfortunately, finding — let alone using — these new features can be troublesome. So, with Office , Microsoft added its most important feature ever — making the programs easier to use. First, there are the people already familiar with Microsoft Office who want to bone up on the new ways that Office works.

For these people, this book can serve as a handy reference to finding where Microsoft put various commands in the new Office user interface. For these people, this book can serve as a guide through word processing Microsoft Word , number calculations Microsoft Excel , presentations Microsoft PowerPoint , database management Microsoft Access , and managing your personal resources like time, appointments, and e-mail Microsoft Outlook. No matter how much or how little you may know about Microsoft Office, this book introduces you to the most common features so you can start being productive with Office right away.

How This Book Is Organized To help you find what you need, this book is organized into parts where each part covers a different program in Office This part of the book explains the new Office menus and toolbars while also showing you common commands that you can use in any Office program. Part II: Working with Word Word processing is the most popular use for Office , so this part of the book explains the basics to using Word. Not only does this part of the book explain how to create and save text, but it also covers different ways to alter text, such as using color, changing fonts, adding headers and footers, checking spelling and grammar, and printing your written masterpiece so it looks perfect.

This part of the book explains the three basic parts of any spreadsheet, how to format data, how to create formulas, and how to create different types of charts to help you visualize what your spreadsheet numbers really mean. Not only will this part of the book give you the lowdown on spreadsheets, but it shows you how Microsoft Excel can make creating, formatting, and displaying spreadsheets simple and easy — and most importantly, useful and fun.

If you need to give a presentation to a large group, you need to know how to create colorful and visually interesting presentations using PowerPoint instead. With PowerPoint, you can organize a presentation into slides that can display text, pictures, and even animation.

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By mastering Part V: Getting Organized with Outlook Almost nobody feels like they have enough time to stay organized, so this part of the book explains why and how to use Microsoft Outlook. With Outlook, you can read, sort, and write e-mail, keep track of appointments, store names and addresses of your most important contacts, and even organize your daily to-do tasks. By reading about how to use Outlook in this part of the book, you can see how to turn your computer into a personal assistant to make you more productive.

Part VI: Storing Stuff in Access If you need to store large amounts of information, such as tracking inventories, organizing customer orders, or tracking prospective customers, you may need to use a database program like Microsoft Access. With Access able to slice and dice your information, you can better analyze your data to understand how your business really works. After you get familiar with using Office, take a peek in this part of the book to read about different types of shortcuts you can use to work with Office even faster than before.

This part of the book also offers tips for using Office to make the programs even easier and more useful.

How to Use This Book Although you can just flip through this book to find the features you need, consider reading Part I of this book to discover how the new menus and toolbar icons of Office work and how they differ from previous versions of 3 First, you use the mouse pointer to select data text, numbers, e-mail messages, and so on to change. Second, you use the mouse pointer to tell Office which commands you want to use to change the data you selected. Dragging typically moves something from one location to another, such as moving a word from the top of a paragraph to the bottom.

Right-clicking typically displays a shortcut menu of additional options. In addition to understanding these terms to describe different mouse actions, you also need to understand different keystroke conventions too. Icons Used in This Book Icons highlight important or useful information. This icon highlights information that can save you time or make it easier for you to do something. Introduction This icon emphasizes information that can be helpful, although not crucial, when using Office Look out!

This icon highlights something dangerous that you need to avoid before making a mistake that you might not be able to recover from again. This icon highlights interesting technical information that you can safely ignore but which might answer some questions for why Office works a certain way. Getting Started The best way to master anything is to jump right in and start fiddling with different commands just to see what they do and how they work.

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Just hold down the Ctrl key, press the Z key, and release both keys at the same time. Mastering Office is going to be easier than you think. A In this part. But after you get over your initial impression or fear of Office, you can understand and even admire the elegant madness behind its massive bulk.

Despite the fact that Microsoft Office contains more commands than any sane person could ever possibly use, it can be conquered. Perhaps the most important part of this book explains the completely redesigned user interface of Microsoft Office To guide you through the multitude of commands you may need to get your work done, Office provides several ways to get help, one of which hopefully will actually provide you with the answers you need.

Besides showing you how to get help within Office, this part of the book also explains how to get the various programs of Office started in the first place.

Office 2007 For Dummies

After you start using Office, this part of the book also shows you some of the more common keystroke and menu commands that all Office programs share. That way when you figure out how to use one Office program, you can quickly learn and use any other Office program with a minimum of retraining and hassle, and you can then join the ranks of the many happy people already using Microsoft Office to get their work done.

Each of these core programs specializes in manipulating different data.


Word manipulates words, sentences, and paragraphs; Excel manipulates numbers; PowerPoint manipulates text and pictures to create a slide show; Access manipulates data, such as inventories; and Outlook manipulates personal information, such as e-mail addresses and phone numbers. Although each Office program specializes in storing and manipulating different types of data, they all work in similar ways. First, you have to enter data into an Office program by typing on the keyboard or loading data from an existing file.

Second, you have to tell Office how to manipulate your data, such as underlining, enlarging, coloring, or deleting it.

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Third, you have to save your data as a file. To help you understand this three-step process of entering, manipulating, and saving data, Office offers similar commands among all its programs so you can quickly jump from Word to PowerPoint to Excel without having to relearn entirely new commands to use each program. Even better, Office rearranges its numerous commands so finding the command you need is faster and easier than ever before. Loading an Office Program The first step to using Office is loading the program you want to use.