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Cultural Marxism: Ideology, Politics, and Intellectual Sources

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Antonio Gramsci: A New Introduction. Laura E. By examining Kincaid's and Hoffman's memoirs, in conjunction with the diaries of Michaels and Jarman, Brophy expands the territory of mourning beyond one group of people, an exercise that Brophy feels is important -- as well as fundamental -- to understanding the depth of personal grief and the ways we respond to grief in literature. In a clear and accessible style, Witnessing AIDS illustrates how memoirs and diaries are used as self-theorizing documents that approach personal testimony as an intervention in cultural memory.

The aim of Brophy's work is to develop a framework for reading, one that begins to grasp the significance of unresolved grief in AIDS, its effect upon testimonial writing, and to engage rather than deflect. Visceral investment in the mundane intimacies of illness, death, and grief resituates a number of critical debates at new and provocative intersections as the strategy for understanding continues.

Demers, Jason, author.

Toronto : University of Toronto Press, [] Description Book — x, pages : illustrations ; 24 cm. Becoming Allies. From the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. More than a compelling new take on the history of theory, The American Politics of French Theory develops concepts gleaned from the work of Derrida, Deleuze, Guattari, and Foucault, providing new tools for thinking about translation, theory, and politics.

By recontextualizing "French theory" within a complex fabric of mass communication and global revolt, Demers demonstrates why it is politically potent and methodologically necessary to think of translation associatively. P65 D46 Unknown. Description Book — xi, pages : illustrations ; 23 cm. C2 C53 Unknown.

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Little mosque on the prairie and the paradoxes of cultural translation []. Toronto : University of Toronto Press, [] Description Book — viii, pages : illustrations ; 23 cm. L C66 Unknown. The unmaking of home in contemporary art []. Lauzon, Claudette, author. Summary Introduction Chapter 1. The Art of Longing and Belonging Chapter 3. Unhomely Archives Chapter 4. Biennial Culture's Reluctant Nomads. Building on the scholarship of key art historians and theorists such as Judith Butler and Mieke Bal, Claudette Lauzon embarks upon a transnational analysis of contemporary artists who challenge the assumption that 'home' is a stable site of belonging.

Lauzon's boundary-breaking discussion of artists including Krzysztof Wodiczko, Sanitago Sierra, Doris Salcedo, and Yto Barrada posits that contemporary art offers a unique set of responses to questions of home and belonging in an increasingly unwelcoming world. From the legacies of Colombia's 'dirty war' to migrant North African workers crossing the Mediterranean, The Unmaking of Home in Contemporary Art bears witness to the suffering of others whose overriding notion of home reveals the universality of human vulnerability and the limits of empathy.

L38 Unknown. Description Book — 1 online resource. Embodied politics in visual autobiography [ Toronto [Ontario] ; Buffalo [N. Description Book — x, p. Summary 1. With contributions by both artists and scholars, Embodied Politics in Visual Autobiography is a unique examination of visual autobiography's involvement in the global cultural politics of health, disability, and the body. This provocative collection looks at images of selfhood and embodiment in a variety of media and with a particular focus on bodily identities and practices that challenge the norm: a pregnant man in cyberspace, a fat activist performance troupe, indigenous artists intervening in museums, transnational selves who connect disability to war, and many more.

The chapters in Embodied Politics in Visual Autobiography reflect several different theoretical approaches but share a common concern with the ways in which visual culture can generate resistance, critique, and creative interventions. With contributions that investigate digital media, installation art, graphic memoir, performance, film, reality television, photography, and video art, the collection offers a wide-ranging critical account of what is clearly becoming one of the most important issues in contemporary culture.

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E Unknown. Embodied Politics in Visual Autobiography []. Defining the modern museum : a case study of the challenges of exchange []. McTavish, Lianne. Description Book — xiii, p.

Gramsci's Politics of Language

Emphasizing museums' relationship to schools, libraries, and government agencies, this interdisciplinary study challenges long-standing assumptions about museums - revealing their messy, uncertain origins, and belying the standard narrative of their educational purpose having been corrupted by corporate goals. Using theoretical models and extensive archival research, Lianne McTavish examines the case of Canada's oldest continuing public museum, the New Brunswick Museum in Saint John.

Focusing on the period between and the s, McTavish addresses topics such as the transnational exchange of objects between museums, efforts by women to claim space within the organization, the creation of Carnegie libraries, and the rising status of curators. Shedding light on many topics of current interest, especially the commodification and globalization of museums, this study makes a lively contribution to museum studies and cultural studies.

N4 M37 Unknown. Inheriting a canoe paddle : the canoe in discourses of English-Canadian nationalism [].