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Family law. Jonathan Herring". Willan Publishing. This book provides a stimulating, carefully planned introduction to the key issues and debates within family law from some of the leading authorities within their field.

Ideas and Debates in Family Law

Step 3: Bring us together. If candidates embrace paid leave and give it the attention it deserves — that we and our families deserve — the issue could not only energize women and people of color, it could also be the connective tissue that brings together seniors, "sandwich generation" workers, and millennials; rural and urban voters. It would also reduce healthcare costs and improve access to healthcare services. Step 4: Pick and champion a policy.

The candidates in the field have strong records on which to build a robust debate. Every current or recent former member of Congress running for president is a supporter of Gillibrand and Rep. Washington state Gov. Mayors Buttigieg and de Blasio adopted paid parental leave programs for the public employees in their cities.

Family law: issues, debates, policy

Even President Donald Trump has proposed six weeks of leave for new parents. Step 5: Be part of the paid leave action on all fronts.

DEBATE: Canadian Family Law reform & Equal Parenting

Finally, paid leave is having a moment borne of a growing movement. The campaign season is happening amid the growing potential for paid leave action in the U. To debate moderators and journalists: Ask the questions.

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Women are watching and waiting to be seen. Shabo has testified multiple times in the U. Congress and state legislatures about the need for improved workplace policies, including paid leave, and in successfully advocated to the Democratic Party Platform Committee for a plank endorsing a week national paid family and medical leave program.

The views expressed here are her own.

On Friday, people all over the world are participating in the Global Climate Strike to demand that politicians treat climate change as a moral and ethical. On Monday night, the senator painted an appr.

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Sex work is real work. Last June, a handf.

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  6. A new sexual assault allegation against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has emerged, and once again ignited the call for his impeachment. President D.

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    Women are taught the rules from an early age. Smile, be polite, be modest, ignore the cat calls, boys will be boys. Later we learn the next set.