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Counterirritation Ch Cryotherapy Ch Radiation Therapy Ch Acupuncture Ch Electrophysical Agents in Physiotherapy Ch Poor Performance and Lameness Ch The Sales Yearling Ch Bone Biomarkers Ch The Bucked-Shin Complex Ch Catastrophic Injuries Ch The North American Thoroughbred Ch The European Thoroughbred Ch The North American Standardbred Ch The European and Australasian Standardbreds Ch The Racing Quarter Horse Ch Prepurchase Examination of the Performance Horse Ch Lameness in the Dressage Horse Ch Lameness in Endurance Horses Ch Lameness in the Polo Pony Ch The Western Performance Horse Ch Walking Horses Ch Lameness in the Driving Horse Ch Lameness in Draft Horses Ch Lameness in the Pony Ch Lameness in Breeding Stallions and Broodmares Ch Lameness in Foals Ch Genovese RL, Rantanen NW: The superficial digital flexor tendon and the deep digital flexor tendon, carpal sheath, accessory ligament of the deep digital flexor tendon inferior check ligament.

Reef VB: Musculoskeletal ultrasonography.

Equine Ultrasound of the Hind Suspensory

In Equine diagnostic ultrasound , Philadelphia, , Saunders. Denoix JM: Ultrasonographic examination in the diagnosis of joint disease.

Equine Diagnostic Ultrasound with CD-ROM - 2nd Edition

Wrigley R: Ultrasound artifacts. Pennick DG: Imaging artifacts. In this final part of our introduction to scanning lungs in all species, we discuss the "C" in the ABC's of lung ultrasound C is for Consolidation Lung consolidation occurs…. BCF Ultrasound 0.

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Have you heard of B-lines? B-lines are a common finding on lung ultrasonography in all species. If you are not familiar with the term, you may know them by another….

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A is for Shows how to diagnose a wide variety of abdominal disorders in foals and adult horses. Presents images of lesions and injuries that can be captured through ultrasound, and the techniques that were used to obtain them.

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  7. Includes anatomic drawings to supplement the ultrasonic images. Product Details Table of Contents.

    Table of Contents Physics and Instrumentation. Artifacts and Variants. Musculoskeletal Ultrasonography. Thoracic Ultrasonography. Cardiovascular Ultrasonography.


    Equine Diagnostic Ultrasound by Virginia B. Reef (1998, Hardcover)

    Abdominal Ultrasonographyin the Adult Horse. Pediatric Abdominal Ultrasonography. Ultrasonography of the Genital Tract of the Mare.