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The project was successful in reviving four subjects, referred to as "archetypes": Viktor Reznov, Alex Mason Sam Worthington , Frank Woods and Raul Menendez Kamar de los Reyes ; the latter is tasked with overseeing the project alongside Savannah. Jessica, who disapproves of Savannah's actions, was revealed to have been actually shot by Savannah during a heated argument between the two sisters.

Battery is revealed to have been seeing flashes of numbers, an effect of the brainwashing technique that Alex Mason previously experienced during the Cold War, further hinting that the event of the mission in may not have been real. Woods, who is involved in a relationship with Savannah, is tasked with brainwashing Mason, using the same technique from before, for an unknown purpose.

'Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4' Review: The Good, The Bad And The Blackout

On March 20, , treasure hunter Alistair Rhodes Charles Dennis hosts a party at his mansion in England, where many of his associates are invited. However, the Chaos Order, an ancient cult who has been after Alistair for some time, kidnaps him by enslaving his butler, Godfrey Charles Dance to do their bidding. Using a mysterious device called the Sentinel Artifact, the Order releases a substance called Prima Materia, transforming all of the guests in the mansion into zombies, sparing only Godfrey and three other guests: stage-show cowboy Gideon Jones Kiefer Sutherland , pseudo-psychic Christina Fowler Helena Bonham Carter and Brigadier General Jonathan Warwick Brian Blessed.

The four band together to battle against the combined forces of undead, werewolves and vampires roaming the mansion. After successfully completing all the trials, the four put an end to the undead outbreak, but Godfrey, under the influence of his dark self, murders the other three and sets the mansion on fire.

Will it be stylized Black Ops IIIII? We can only hope.

He is then killed by Alistair's daughter, Scarlett Courtenay Taylor , who then gives chase to her father's kidnappers. They successfully acquire it, but then encounter a member of the Chaos Order who activates the artifact, transforming every ship crew member and passenger into zombies. Just as the ship crashes with an iceberg, the four work together in order to recover the Sentinel Artifact and restore it.

In doing so, they activate an ancient trial, which tests them with various puzzles and tasks. Upon successful completion of the trial, the Prima Materia's effect is reversed, and all passengers on the Titanic are reverted to their human state.

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The crew discovers an apparition of a gateway, but before they could interact with it, they are forced to escape as the ship sinks. Shaw points the crew toward their next destination, Delphi , Greece in order to find answers. Unbeknownst to the crew, Bruno possesses the same marking that Godfrey had, hinting at his dark self taking over. Scarlett and the gang are guided by the Oracle of Delphi Cissy Jones to an ancient cavern where the gateway is located. After inhaling a mysterious vapor, they begin to hallucinate and are taken back in time to an ancient arena, where the High Priest of the Chaos Order uses the Sentinel Artifact to turn slaves into zombies and pit them against gladiators for entertainment.

The crew, now taking on the form of gladiators, is forced to fight for survival, as they complete various challenges to appease the four Gods: Danu , Ra , Zeus and Odin. Upon completion of the challenges, they face off against a combined force of undead warriors in the arena, and emerge victorious. The completion of the trial opens a portal to the Library of the Nine, but the High Priest fails to access it. He then has Scarlett and the rest executed despite their demand for clemency.

Snapping out of the hallucination, Scarlett then inputs the symbols she saw on the portal into the gateway, allowing the crew to enter the Ancient City of Delphi. They meet up with the Oracle, who has been trapped here for centuries amidst an ongoing Sentinel Trial. Hoping to prevent the ancient demigod Perseus from slaying the Olympian Gods, she assists them in fighting against the zombie horde roaming the city, as well as various ancient mythical Greek creatures.

In the midst of the trial, Bruno's dark self takes over temporarily and secretly kills Shaw, allowing the former to be revived using the Scepter of Ra and be enslaved by his dark self as well. The trial reaches its culmination as the crew battles against Perseus and his winged steed Pegasus , and triumphs. While Scarlett attempts to free the Oracle, the other three follow her directions to look for Alistair, only to find that he and other Order members have been petrified.

Diego runs back in horror, and discovers that the Oracle was Medusa in disguise. Medusa renders Scarlett unconscious after acquiring certain knowledge from her mind. Diego manages to retrieve Scarlett and hides, as Medusa declares her eventual ownership of the Library, and world domination. Upon encountering a past version of himself, Richtofen is given the Kronorium book, and learns that the contents of the book have changed, and that his own blood is now demanded by the prison's Warden.

Through their attempt to survive his wrath, Primis learns that the Warden, working for the ancient Apothicon race via the Shadowman Robert Picardo , intends to use Richtofen's blood to power a special machine called the Dark Mechanism, due to it containing a massive amount of Aether energy. After gaining the trust of the various spirits residing in the prison, Primis engages in a final showdown against the Warden and his zombie hordes, aided by the spirits of Alcatraz. Richtofen eventually enters the Dark Mechanism and willingly lets it extract his blood, hoping for a chance at defeating the Warden.

'Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4' Review: The Good, The Bad And The Blackout

This in turn releases another Richtofen, who has lived through a previous cycle of the events , and kept himself cryogenically frozen under Alcatraz for years. Using a mysterious elemental gem, the newly awakened Richtofen greatly weakens the Warden, allowing Primis to defeat him and free all souls in Alcatraz from their torment. Having broken the cycle, Richtofen hands the Kronorium to Nikolai and passes over the leadership mantle, convincing the latter that his soul is needed to defeat the omnipotent Doctor Monty.

The new cycle's Richtofen is left to die as his blood is drained by the Dark Mechanism. Back in the original timeline, following their adventures at Shangri-La , the Ultimis crew original incarnation of Primis attempts to teleport to the Moon immediately, but instead ends up in The Pentagon in Meanwhile, at the Ascension Facility in Russia, the scientist Yuri Zavoyski tricks his partner Gersh into activating a black hole device, sucking him in it, per the orders of a corrupted Samantha Maxis Julie Nathanson.

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Yuri uses the device to travel to the Pentagon and unleash the zombie horde, experimented on by the US Government, against Ultimis. The four battle against the undead across the Pentagon, as well as the Groom Lake facility of Area Unbeknownst to them, a future version of Ultimis, following the destruction of the Earth in , time-traveled back to Groom Lake months before the arrival of their past selves.

Richtofen, whose body was occupied by Samantha's soul from the future, went into a comatose state when her soul was sucked out; however, he was revived when a zombified Richtofen arrived some times later and interacted with his comatose self, transferring his consciousness to the new body.

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As the future Ultimis remains in captive at Groom Lake, Primis arrives and convinces them to leave together in preparation for "the great war". Primis and Ultimis travel together to Camp Edward, a nuclear testing facility run by the American research group Broken Arrow, in search of an Elemental Shard.

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They activate the facility's artificial intelligence, codenamed Rushmore John de Lancie , who agrees to give them the shard in exchange for them proving their worthiness. After completing several tasks and demonstrating the core values of Broken Arrow, Rushmore then proceeds to open the APD American Pyramid Device , which houses Broken Arrow's Director, Cornelius Pernell, who has been transformed into an electric being following an experiment with the shard.

Dubbing himself "Avogadro", Pernell then battles Primis and Ultimis, but ultimately fails and is teleported to a different Broken Arrow facility in Hanford, Washington. The crews retrieve the elemental shard, but then learn from Doctor Ludvig Maxis Tatasciore , who has been residing in Agartha, that Monty is aware of their plan.

Very Beautiful Mission in Vietnam Jungle ! Call of Duty Black Ops FPS Game on PC

As he attempts to send Samantha and Eddie a child version of Richtofen from a different dimension to safety, Monty reveals his true form and devours Maxis. Samantha arrives at Camp Edward, regaining her Aether powers once more, and swears vengeance on Monty. Primis and Ultimis take a temporary break in a forest, and celebrate before their final battle. Ultimis Richtofen secretly instructs Victis to go to the Group outpost in Siberia to retrieve an "Agarthan Device", promising that they would help save the universe from Dr.

Unbeknownst to Victis, and the rest of Primis and Ultimis, Richtofen is somehow able to shift to an undead form. Primis Nikolai also instructs Samantha to do an unknown task for him. When discussing why the game won't have a campaign mode, Treyarch studio co-head Dan Bunting revealed that a campaign mode was never planned for Black Ops 4 and that they wanted to try something different and make a game that would be more playable with friends across the board, contradicting reports that the campaign mode was scrapped in the middle of development because there was not enough time to complete it.

According to a report from Kotaku editor Jason Schreier, originally Treyarch planned Black Ops 4 to have a campaign continuing from the story of Call of Duty: Black Ops III , set in a post-apocalyptic world where four players can progress through the story in a 2v2 scenario, with an option for solo players to play with AI bots. However, in early , the team decided to cancel the campaign mode due to technical concerns, timing, and negative playtesting feedback.

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  5. Combined with publisher Activision's decision to release the game in October, the team resorted to creating the Blackout battle royale mode as a replacement for the traditional campaign. On March 7, , NBA player James Harden was seen prior to playing a basketball game wearing a hat bearing an orange logo. People pointed out the similarities between this logo and previous ones for Black Ops titles, which both featured Roman numerals colored orange. On July 11, , Activision and Treyarch announced the dates for the multiplayer beta: PlayStation 4 players had an exclusive first beta weekend from August 3 to 6, while a second weekend from August 10 to 13 was offered to all platforms.

    The Windows platform received an open beta for all players from August 11 to 13, while players who pre-ordered the game could play from August Activision also announced a beta for the Blackout mode, which took place from September 10 for PlayStation 4, September 14 for Xbox One and Windows, and ending September 17 for all platforms.

    Like the Multiplayer beta, the Windows platforms also had an open beta for Blackout which began September The Windows version of the game is developed by Treyarch in collaboration with Beenox. It exclusively uses Blizzard Entertainment 's Battle. All three editions contain the Black Ops Pass , a special season pass that grants access to "Classified", a bonus Zombies map available at launch, in addition to four more maps to be released in , as well as twelve multiplayer maps, and four exclusive characters for use in Blackout mode.

    Rather than distributing new maps via map packs like previous Call of Duty titles, the Black Ops Pass will deliver new content on a more frequent basis throughout the year. The pack contains four remastered multiplayer maps: Jungle, Summit, Slums, and Firing Range all of which are included in Black Ops 4 at launch. On September 20, , Activision and Sony revealed their partnership for Black Ops 4 , which allows the PlayStation 4 version of the game to receive all content updates, including free and paid content, seven days before other platforms, as opposed to the day gap that was present in previous Call of Duty titles.

    As opposed to the traditional downloadable content model of four map packs, Black Ops 4 receives frequent updates in the form of "Operations", which are themed events across all game modes, featuring a variety of free and paid limited-time content for the game, as well as the Black Ops Pass content. Following the reveal of the game's third Operation, Grand Heist, Treyarch and Activision announced their plans to feature six Operations in the game for The game features a tiered loot system called "Black Market Contraband", in which players can earn progress in tiers to earn cosmetic items by playing Multiplayer and Blackout within the duration of an Operation.

    The Black Market, the in-game virtual store, also features exclusive cosmetic items only purchaseable with "COD Points", a microtransaction currency.