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The action takes place in what feels like eternal night, with the 3-D cinematography imparting a sense of vast spaces just beyond the edge of sight. Thankfully, the Kendall Square will be showing a 3-D print. If nothing else, a sequence in which Luo rides a long, slow zip-line down over an inky void that resolves into a village flyover is worth the trip.

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But there is something else: a burned-out romantic fatalism that seeks and finds renewal in much the way a human body is restored by sleep. In his dream, Luo meets a cynical pool hall owner also played by Tang Wei who may or may not be a different version of the woman he has been seeking and who joins him on his nighttime travels, airborne and otherwise.


Curious about the ways that Christianity connects to its roots in Jewish history and culture? Sign up for Holy Land Moments. A measure of distance, somewhat similar to the Egyp. The phrase became a common expression for a relatively short distance.

Day's journey

Acts , the only instance of its occurrence in the Bible, specifies its length as the distance from Mt. Olivet to Jerusalem. It is assumed that the regulation had its origin in the Mosaic period in the injunction to the Israelite not to leave camp to collect manna on the sabbath Exod In the Jerusalem Targ. One is the provision that the area belonging to the Levitical cities included land which extended from the wall cubits on every side Num Another is the supposed distance that separated the Ark and the people both on the march and at camp Josh As far as this specific regulation is concerned, it applied only to leaving the city, the prescribed distance being measured from the city gate.

Another Day's Journey

Within the city proper, no matter how large it might be, there was no such limitation.